Easy to find charging stations

Explore, search and discover! ...and contribute?

Finding a charging station in your near vicinity, along your trip or at your destination has never been easier. ChargeFinder will give you all necessary information and make your travelling more relaxing and fun.

A quick-view will show the most relevant station information and zipping between several stations is easy. Details about charging- and parking prices, availability, opening hours and much more. Everything there for your convenience.

Automatized and smart data gathering combined with a dedicated team, local ambassadors and growing community will make sure that all information is trustworthy and up-to-date.

Exciting times

Product highlights and how we see things
Expanding network

Currently 110.000+ public charge points available in the database. This figure is growing every day with the rapid ongoing expansion and addition of new datasources.

Real time availability

See occupancy for chargers. All in real-time directly in the app. Soon to be rolled out for more connected charge points.


Anyone can already contribute and update station information at any time directly in the app. We also have some really exciting features coming soon in this area. Register with us already today to start collecting points.

Free to use

Just download the app and find charging stations all over. No fees and no account required to explore.

One app, charge everywhere

Charging your car should be simple. Our ambition is to eliminate the need to have a load of different services in exchange for one smart solution. Find, activate, charge, pay and keep track. Everything in one place.

Constant improvement

Current version of the app is just the beginning. We have lot's of exciting features in the pipeline. Do you have some cool ideas? Just get in touch with us!

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